Physical Therapy Westchester CA Physical Therapy Westchester CA

Physical Therapy Westchester CA

6214 W. Manchester Ave
2nd Floor
Westchester, CA 90045
telephone: 310.348.8464
fax: 310.348.7470

Physical Therapy Care

About Us

Our mission is to provide comprehensive physical and occupational therapy and wellness opportunities to the diverse community that we serve. This requires an awareness of the individual rehabilitation and fitness needs of the residents, workers, and employers within our community, as well as a commitment to working closely with physicians, as needed, to assure optimum results. Our treatment approach emphasizes functional restoration utilizing manual therapy techniques, modalities, movement education and effective therapeutic exercise prescriptions. Our wellness and fitness services are designed to meet an individual's personal needs and goals.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
7am to 6 pm

Our 6,000 sq. foot facility contains a full line of exercise equipment, treadmills, recumbent bikes, and elliptical machines. The Nintendo Wii Fit System is a recent addition to our line of fitness equipment. Curtain dividers between treatment tables allow patient privacy as needed during treatment sessions.