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Pilates is an exercise method of physical and mental conditioning that utilizes specialized equipment to condition the entire body. Originated by Joseph Pilates over fifty years ago when it was popular among professional dancers, this approach strengthens core muscles, improving muscle control, flexibility, balance and coordination, strength and tone without bulk, as well as postural alignment and breathing. Pilates is ideal for anyone wanting an efficient and balanced workout that engages the whole body and mind, and can be adapted to meet many of the specific needs or physical conditions of each individual.

Staffed with physical therapists who are also certified Pilates instructors, Physical Therapy Care is the ideal place for those seeking rehabilitation following an injury who also want the extra benefits of a Pilates approach to their recovery. You will appreciate the additional expertise of therapists who will incorporate manual skills, problem solving, and an in-depth knowledge of neuromusculoskeletal disorders and treatment to your Pilates-based rehab program.

Pilates Class Descriptions and Pricing

Small Group Reformer Class
*This sixty minute class uses external resistance in the form of springs to increase your strength, flexibility, and coordination. The goal of this class is an integrated full-body workout that aligns and balances your muscles.

*The Reformer provides a fun-filled workout that leaves your muscles feeling challenged, your body invigorated, and your mind energized. Maximum of four participants.

Small Group Reformer Class

  • 1 Reformer Class$30
  • 5 Reformer Classes$135 (save $15)
  • 10 Reformer Classes$250 (save $50)
  • 20 Reformer Classes$400 (save $200)

Unlimited Monthly Class Pass (limit 1 class per day)

  • 1 month unlimited class pass$199
  • 3 months unlimited class pass$537 ($179/mo)
  • 6 months unlimited class pass$954 ($159/mo)

Small Group Mat Class
*In this sixty minute class you will be strengthening and stretching your muscles simultaneously to create a stronger, more mobile, and more balanced body. The abdominal muscles are the main focus in our Mat classes but a full body workout will be achieved. *Mat is a great option for those that are new to Pilates as well as those who need to take extra care with their back, knees, and/or shoulders. Maximum of six participants. Mats provided

Small Group Mat Class

  • 1 Mat Class$18
  • 5 Mat Classes$80 (save $10)
  • 10 Mat Classes$140 (save $40)
  • 20 Mat Classes$240 (save $120)

Private and Semi-Private Pilates Sessions
Private and semi-private Pilates sessions are wonderful for any level of experience. While one-on-one session are an ideal way to guide you in beginning your Pilates experience, they are also helpful if you're interested in individual fine tuning, bringing your work to a deeper level, or learning fun new exercises.

Private Pilates Sessions

  • 1 Private$75
  • 5 Privates$350
  • 10 Privates$675
  • 20 Privates$1300

Semi-Private Sessions

  • 1 Semi-Private$50
  • 5 Semi-Private$225
  • 10 Semi-Private$425
  • 20 Semi-Private$800

Visit our Pilates website @ to sign up for classes and pay online!!!